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Installation Notes


At a terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install conky


Have no fear, Conky is in portage. You can install it with:

# emerge app-admin/conky

or, using Paludis:

# paludis -i app-admin/conky


Conky is available in pacman:

# pacman -S conky


Conky is avaible in FreeBSD ports, check FreshPorts for details.


For Foresight Linux or any other rPath-based distro:

# conary update

Compiling from source

You'll need the X11 development libraries, version 6.8.2 or later. package name is probably libx11-dev (on Debian/Ubuntu), as well as the development libraries for any additional features.

  1. $ ./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-x11 --enable-mpd # see --help for a full listing of options
  2. $ make
  3. # make install

The last step is optional, if you don't do this, the conky executable will be in src/.

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